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When a loved one dies

It is important to inform the doctor immediately that death has occurred.

He/she may write out the Medical Certificate of Death when he/she visits the house, or may request you attend the surgery for this purpose. If the doctor is not satisfied as to the cause of death he/she will contact the local Coroner, who decides if a post mortem examination is necessary.

All sudden deaths are, by law, subject to a Coroner’s post mortem examination.

The Coroner will request that the body be taken to the local hospital mortuary for a post mortem examination to confirm the cause of death.

The GardaĆ­ will organise a contracted person to remove the deceased from the place of death. GardaĆ­ will need a family member to officially identify the deceased person.

Family should then contact their preferred Funeral Director to organise funeral arrangements.

No arrangements can be confirmed until clearance has been given and the body discharged, this usually happens within 24hours.


Selecting a Coffin or Casket
We have wide range of coffins and caskets in stock, including traditional and eco-friendly coffins. Families are welcome to visit our showroom, to choose a coffin which they feel would be appropriate for their loved one.

All our coffins are high quality and are produced in Ireland.

The Removal
Removals can take place from the funeral home, the deceased's residence, or a hospital / nursing home.
The funeral home is fully equipped to deal with all removals and can be opened to the public or kept private for family use only.

Recently families choose to have the wake at home, which we can facilitate, by preparing the deceased at our funeral home, and then transferring the deceased, to the residence, where they repose until removal.

Most hospitals and nursing homes have their own mortuary for funeral use. Opening times may have to be arranged in consultation with the hospital or nursing home. In most instances hospitals / nursing homes require the body to be embalmed, prior to public viewing. Embalming would be completed at our funeral home, before the body would be returned to the hospital or nursing home mortuary for viewing.

Graves & Burial
If a family grave exists it can be used, subject to identification of the plot and permission to open. A grave may not be opened unless ownership can be proven. If a new grave is required, we can arrange this with the cemetery, graveyard or council concerned.

Burials can also be arranged in Irelands newly established Natural Burial Ground.

Music for Service
Musicians may be booked for church services. The usual preference is for an organist and/or soloist to sing appropriate hymns during the service.

Floral Tributes
Floral tributes can range from a simple rose to more elaborate wreaths and can be arranged with local florists.

Radio / Newspaper Notice
Most families choose to have a death notice broadcast on the local radio and or published in the newspapers. Each radio station / newspaper has their own style for death notices, and we will plan the wording of the notices in accordance with the wishes of the family, and within the radio / newspaper guidelines.

Cremation is an alternative to burial when someone dies. There are six crematoriums in Ireland, three of which are located in Dublin, the remaining three are in Cork, Shannon and Cavan.

The Undertaker will ensure that the statutory requirements are met and that all the necessary documentation is completed and approved.

Cremation can be (1) simply a removal directly to the crematorium, (2) may include overnight in a funeral home, residence or church. The coffin is then removed to the crematorium. Family may or may not choose attend the crematorium.

Arrangements can be made for the ashes to be returned and can be then retained by the family, buried in the family grave or scattered.

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